this fall

my friends and family know:
this fall has been very hard at work,
the hooligans very challenging
i have the best assistant in the universe,
and yet
work has been overwhelming.
 so when this surprise, 
beautifully wrapped in translucent paper,
came in the mail
i thought: this is it!
 the beauty of this gift
has touched my heart. why?
 this is essentially a government publication
julie johnson oversaw that the research presented inside
was honored by
her beautiful handmade paper
fine photos and writing and layout
it's bound with her own twined dogbane.
did she know how 
 it so touches the thoughts i'm exploring
about the honorable harvest.
 a few walks help me get through the tough days.
 some of the contact prints emerging from the 
depths of the old enamel pot
are extraordinary.
and then
yuko kimura and i agreed upon a trade
her tiny, exquisite sample book
came, also. 
i am in awe of this beautiful work
 it fits
in the palm of my hand.
i am grateful to these amazing artists,
(lori, you, too!)
who add such grace to my life.
thank you.