by the crooked tree, thanks

by the crooked tree:
this is a place keeper, 
a marker pose,
a surprise old life glorious on a ridgetop.
this is your landmark,
 this crooked tree.
 this is the land 
all horizontal ridges that herringbone down to a meadow
bordered in by beaver
outlet under the roadway.
 this is the place
i will learn to call home. 
 streams bisecting the land 
stitching a crazy quilted pattern of rock and spruce and maple and juneberry
 lichen and virginia chain fern 
and cardinal flowers in july.
the streams trace outlines that the deer follow
bucks serious about finding breeding does
and the cold water splashes on and on.
past a little friend,
almost in the middle here.
 hairy woodpecker will tell you the facts:
there's no such thing as free lunch.
and everyone give thanks.
as do i.