some maps

mapping a book 
ink and lokta
 mapping friendship
 map of a flea market
 and knowledge!
 and a body map 
i love these mannikins
 complete with many foldouts
a different sort of centerfold!
a forester's map 
a timber cruiser's? 
 i've found some local bits--
long lake is mentioned 
 a rose map
 the second try at a big map
a hortus siccus.
 both home places,
old and new
their gifts both here.
a full sheet.
 now i want to go and weave something.
but first, 
i went out to gather some sumac
and wasn't mindful
until i cut my palm with my felco's.
there was blood, but not enough for a stitch.
i was reminded to thank the sumac
the hard way.
it's important to remember one's obligations.