sometimes the camera captures what you don't see
rainbow orbs 
as the sun peeps through
one or twice in a dreary
colder week.
looks like the planting farmer
was playing crosswords or cross hairs
or crossseeds
 clouds visit the neighbor's low spot
 and make patterns and games,
i resist running through.
 a walker left this behind.
i wonder why?
my 80something year old friend
scornfully says people are sucking on their bottles
even before going for a little explore
 into the woods
probably in preparation
for hunting 
 i am glad this land makes it difficult 
to find her bounty
 i decided to give these yellow wild ones a taste
often the wildlings are not delicious
 but this one was.
it barely lasted though, so i couldn't take it to school.
to share the perfect sweetness.
it's november now
and the bones of the land are beginning to show
before that white downy coat
hides it all away.
happy deep fall to you.
hunker down, warm your hands
and consider the year that's gone by.