light is necessary
and causes a stir deep in my heart 
this time of year
can you smell the beeswax?
 light comes from within
 thin ice
framing rocks and twigs
 and makes riverscape on frozen rivulet
 light on my old barn
 burns it brightly
until it may, perhaps
catch fire and fly away.
 as usual i'm looking for light,
and junko oki has made a new book
a real catalog of work
 bound with an industrial sewing
 encased in a slipcase
 her stitches
(so many stitches) 
 i love how her needle dances
and sings
and tells stories, jokes,
her book is here
and is worth the bother to find.
and another book
by jean is a new shimacho
a sample book
 and i am deeply honored that
the pages are my handmade paper
there was yet more light,
from my realtor
homemade wine.
the house is still waiting for a buyer.
my back is doing much better, thank you for the advice and good wishes.
though school stumbles along, limping and dancing, mostly limping
as we wind down toward solstice
and little tiny light.