darkness comes
more and more.

we shrink and stretch

as we fight this torpor
hiding the deep fear of the deep darkness.
 instead of loving the endings
loving them i say!
as the year subsides
and the dear light leaves.
it is deep winter 
cold this solstice.
but warmth is coming with the holyday.
 these spent blossoms
search for a pollinator until they fade.
i take home to print with.
 around these hills
the land settles,
 the big birds are now seen.
and many days i watch them hunt
if i'm lucky enough.
it's a stewart brand lesson:
there's no such thing as free lunch.
while we can't prepare food there yet,
we can hang out,
pour a cup of water,
wash the clothes or bathe,
watch the friendly doe skirt the pines,
hear a great horned
or a coyote family.
if there's been sun enough for the panels,
or snow enough to ski,
or love enough to sustain,
we are blessed.
may you be blessed as well.
a hopefull solstice to you.