just right

i love this print
how the elements come together with some skill, 
some expectation, 
some chance 
and some hope.
like my days, lately.
 printing again,
anticipating the weather softening, lightening
and yet,
only the chickadees 
to my uneducated ears
have changed their endless conversations.
i see big birds: eagles, hawks, owls.
my neighbor's lovely window...
all that work
beginning to fade.
another faraway neighbor
bryan's lovely gift of madder 
on linen
and washi
  a meandering of morning glories
 and this 
precursor of sping
the cold is solid now, below zero at night
above during the day.
but the daylight keeps multiplying
cedar and sumac
and a use for that 40 year old saffron
pale thoughts of my sister's old cupboard.
a beach-like field of coldnesses
layers of cold
blues cold.
and if i am not as sharp as i ought to be
a creature or three maybe
watching me.
i saw these prints: raccoon, coyote, deer, mice...
someone is keeping watch
in the lee of a rock 
soaking sun
before the feast, a rather desperate one,
of night hunting
bryan's thoughts of spring 
my hopes of spring
to distract from
the rough road of unhappy students
these days.