squeaky snow

it's really cold
and there's some snow now, 
enough for a good ski.
 perma frost (not really)
frost running deeply now.
 the devilish plants around here 
lots of cruelly thorned wild black raspberry canes
are poking up through
lovely deep snow
and a few black eyed susans 
 this little one was shivering
in the wind
not quite still now
 as i left for school i noticed
evidence of nighttime
deer activity
 the front arbor vitae is a favorite spot for a snack.
though it is a common tree around here
right here there are few
so my lawn tree is very popular
 in the deep cold the ladies
up in the st lawrence river valley
 the ladies
 lean away from west wind
 and back home the cedar out front
site of nocturnal browsing-
if you look up you see this.
the deer have trimmed out
the edges where the cedars and other trees live
to a height of about 5 feet. 
give or take.
so when you look out across the fields there appears to be a dark skirt
or an apron
encircling the woods.