a little press

this week our press time
was saturday
and my words and prints are growing into a
 every step to me is magic
and a puzzle
working in fits and starts like 
this spring.
 this large neighbor is very furry
and so are the dogs that visit here still wearing
thick thick winter coats.
 in my barn a yearling was found
 there is no such thing as free lunch.
 the second returned from south turkey vulture that i have seen
 was on my barn ridgeline,
greeting me.
 waiting and watching
for opportune moments to eat
that whitetail good food.

one day this week i had meetings in morristown
on the st lawrence
where this building lives.
and on facebook:
susan j tweit and robin wall kimmerer 

both showed this from a conference they attended 
on the west coast,
i was motivated to think about hope.
hope is one reason i live and teach here
in the north country.
hope is always necessary.