a weariness

i'm feeling a huge weariness.
it irritates me.
spring is really coming
 but i am feeling this great
heavy blanket of weary.
it will leave
  as the snow finally leaves for the season.
the land will absorb heat.
 the long days
increase the thaw
 and the punky snow 
 will completely decay,
leaving behind piles of road salty-sand
the crews will shovel up and away.
 this little doe had an entire field.
i wish you could have seen her shake her head
as she found a nice morsel,
corn to chew off the cob,
the leaf went flying, 
but my camera wasn't quick enough!
 there are reminders of flowers in the garden
and the meadows,
if no blossoms yet.
i've been using these black eyed susan seeds
to print with.
that and hosta seed pods
and many more plants,
goldenrod and sensitive fern and aster skeletons
arbor vitae 
there is so very much out there, 
even when thigh high snow kept me on the edges.
who knew i needed to break and maintain trails this year
so that job got away from me.
i have almost enough perfect prints,
for the edition.
and a few not-so-perfect.