april workshop!

if you would care to join me for
a day of contact printing 
on paper
in portland, maine
in april,
give this a look see.
i'd love to have you join in.
or come by the next day
for the book arts bazaar.
this, below, from the new england
guild of bookworkers:
Spirit Papers: Mapping Place with Velma Bolyard
Kate Cheney Chappell ’83 Center for Book Arts
Date: April 11, 2015
Location: Wishcamper Center Multi-Purpose Room, Portland, ME
Fee: $125
Register on line at http://usm.maine.edu/bookarts or call (207)780-5900
In this one-day intensive we will explore the art of the eco- or contact print, on paper. Students will learn the basics of creating prints using the flora available in their ecosystem, essentially making a map of the plants inhabiting this particular place on the east coast. Each student will prepare bundles for the dyepot, using found metals and local waters for mordanting. The resulting prints will describe place and we’ll discuss the possibilities of how to use these printed papers in book arts and further printing processes.
...and my friend ann 
said that the snow on her cat's coat 
when she came inside yesterday 
smelt like spring. 
now THAT'S news!