six feet deep

turkey trail
everyone knows this winter's a tough one.
it's been so cold
i'm ashamed to say
that i've not skied since before
the bitterness set in.
the experts have said that the frost
is six feet into the ground.
new neighbors
now that's pretty darned cold!
and problematic for several adirondack 
and north country municipal water services
not to mention 
people with wells
and frozen faucets.
found roadsalt heart
 bear with me: 
our national bird--almost
this morning it's snowing. 
 round bales
the "english" farmers
 and the amish farmers
 corn ladies
have moved so much snow around
just to do their chores.
i know what that's like. 
once upon a time,
i hauled 12 five gallon buckets
filled with warm water
 every day to the barn
from my bathtub.
backyard visitor 
i am thankful that this winter
i don't have any animal chores.
i buy these in town.
 susan's eggs.
yokes are a marvelous orange
and the shells and sizes are delightful!
and i'm working away 
between school dayz and full moon sleeps 
on a new hortus siccus book.
have heard that my april class in maine
is filling up.
it will be a wonderful and busy class.
with the book arts bazaar 
the next day.