harsh and kind

seems like lately i've been called
to be both
harsh and kind.
kinda weird but pretty normal for me.
i spend my days at school with kids
who are trying to be like their peers
and aren't.
and i spend my other teaching hours
with adults who are so kind 
who appreciate what i bring to them.
and often let me know about it.
it's a lovely contrast, like the spring weather 
that swings from snow to warm sun in a few days
or hours really.
 one of my students from maine
wrote about the workshop
a good report.
she is a gem,
 the kind of person you know you like just by the way they walk
(and wave!) 
in fact all of my students were like that
fine and really attentive.
several have sent words or cards of thanks.
just yesterday i had a card from pru.
thank you all for being there, 
it was wild and busy and messy and wonderful,
and these photos 
(thank you rebecca) 
don't quite do justice to this big and beautiful room.
it is a bright and happy space
at the university of southern maine.
 the ferns are back, 
greenly vivid in the umbers of the woods
where little bits of other greens are appearing, 
coltsfoot and spring beauty and bloodroot
and flowers are falling from trees, 
prelude to leaves.
the book continues 
to keep me busy.
there's still much more press time, 
and then and then and then and then,
does it ever end?
outside there are perils,
 last weekend there were four ticks on me, 
one took a little nibble of my scalp
but was stopped before any damage was done.
i may cut my hair short so i can keep track of these beasts.
in other news
i am now co-administrator of susan byrd's shifu spot on facebook.
i am ruthless and stick to the paper textile rule.
must be my special ed training!
my wonderful daughter hannah 
has ramped up wake robin
 several notches 
and given me a few more pages. 
i'm working on learning it.
did i say the peepers and the woodcock and the robins amongst all the rest
are entertaining for free?