humid and hot saturday

i've been a barely adequate nurse 
for two days.
my dad thought nursing would be a good career for me.
i thought
i'd like to be an artist,
whatever that was.
my partner is healing from a successful hernia operation.
helped by so many good wishes from friends:
my initial made by therese, 
gold on walnut, 
i like that.
and here i am watching gary frost
 using the plough at syracuse university's bird library's conservation lab.
a photo found in the ethers by tim ely!
it's from when my hair was more brown than white.
about the book project:
 the printing is complete, 
we think,
after a really frustrating day
when only one side would print on the big press.
the next day an elf brought over a stack of printed magic.
my happy dance
wrecked my photo.
 the printing was excellent, 
the photography lousy. 
i can only say that all my photos were like this,
i was so excited!
 i harvested slippery elm bark
 as the ferns came along,
they are MUCH bigger now, 
now, when it's 90 out.

and here's a little something-
a stationers binding that i saw online 
and didn't save the source.
but i quite like it.
surfacing here a little bit to say that i am swamped
but fine, sniffling the pollen,
feelin' allright.
nursing with a smile.