in all honesty

in all honesty,
this school year has left me deeply
i've gladly agreed to teach twice this summer
both at places i hold in high esteem.
immediately after school ends i go to the morgan conservatory
to teach with aimee our four day
that class isn't full yet so may be cancelled, 
and i am ambivalent about promoting it.
surely i could just stay home and rest?
but it is so good to be at the morgan!
so do consider this class.
is set to go.
it's a place i have always wanted to visit,
and now i get to do just that, 
paper and spindles in hand.
it will be lovely to be in a new place.
but oh i am tired.
may has been a month of light nursing and has turned
on me so now i'm flu-ish myself.
so i am getting some rest!
the joke is on me because the beautiful old world goes on dancing
and springing.
and once this flu runs its course
all will be fine.
the book project, 
has been on hold this little while.
do you recognize this seed?
sophie has me looking at seeds, bless her.
and do go here
to look at an amazing exhibition
put together by india.