checking in

it's been over a week
but so busy
some days very warm, others with a fire burning...
these two startled me
out the living room window
one mostly shed out, 
the other still wearing her ghost coat
 my friend has her funny ones "back ta home"
 school's out for summer 
at their community school
and they return across the road
for summertime.
  it seemed i got the nectar out a little late
but the hummers were around
 through the screen their edges are unclear
 i caught the tip of the tongue
 one eats while another sits on a last year stalk
of black eyed susan
 the news is the turtle egg laying!
i generally see three every morning
big mama snappers
on the road sides
working on laying business
 and this silly teen, like my students
making a lot of noise outside my classroom
 only five more days with students
 lovely plants all along my walks
 seeds, too
 just checking in to let you know
i am still around

the stomach virus was BAD. 

i'm better, mostly.