inch by inch

so yesterday in the RAIN that has been so WITH us,
i was on my porch 
and a gray she-fox stopped in the backyard to check out my presence.
m. saw her this morning,
just down from my driveway.
 a healthy fat lady
never seen one closeby before
so she's new in the area.
probably has a litter.
she vanishes in the tall meadow
just like wendy used to.
playing with iphoto 
after spinning up some lokta
acquired in melbourne on my last visit.
maybe it's those wild colors from helen hiebert
that has me messing around...
i want to have a few new samples for the WSW class.
working on the edition still
sorting all the tiny
big details
and making shifu
wondering if i still know how
(perhaps i don't)
and remembering how important it is to keep touching that paper-
each time i touch the paper i learn more.
this was a khaki sheet,
not the normal "natural" lokta color
what was a really lovely sheet of paper
is now a murky shifu square.
interesting how spinning transforms the appearance
of a sheet of paper
but doesn't alter the essence of the paper.
here's dard, wearing some simply spun lokta
and when i opened him up
i found immediately a photo of the nepalese
moulds drying on the hillside.
and i was back,
at PBI
decorating a hillside
with nepalese moulds.
as soon as there's a bit of plumbing completed,
wake robin will be making paper.