this place is legendary
and for good reason
it's a place of art making
right out of the70's
(the good 70's)
i love it here, 
love the studio space
 love, LOVE the funny painting in the guest teacher apartment
 the head shots in the hall
 this one is for hannah
 and the blue nosed friends, too.
 we haven't been blue yet, but india ink and black walnut
and osage orange and red ochre and indigo inks are here.
we're working on madder.
making marks on paper, big, small
fine and not so fine.
this is kozo dyed with lotus leaves that kate brought
from her stash.
 weaving lokta shifu on new stumps
 i have three lefties in my class and one 14 year old!
 a happy susan mills
 the whole class here
my mess front and center.
it goes wonderfully quiet
as they begin
focus, fold, cut, 
working on their first bit of shifu
 the neighborhood is historic
 and interesting.
 our apartment
 the wall
 art farm
 art farm
my housemate, nancy diessner
has some of the same
interests as do i.
she rocks!