a crush or two

ok, the truth is i get crushes.
i have certain things i love very much
and they are important to me, even though i may never voice that interest to anyone.
i love maps and globes, i love the idea of mapping,
in fact sometimes i teach classes using mapping as a theme.
i do this at school, too.
well, today i found a whole new world
a globe maker in england.
this company makes beautiful work.
bellerby and company is a place i would love to visit.
can you imagine making globes, building the spheres, painting the lands and seas...
so, yes, these globes amaze me.
and here's another beautiful and important thing:

an herbarium made by abigail bainbridge.
while teaching at women's studio workshop i met chris petrone
who is friends with this maker.
the world of beautiful things is precious, indeed.
i thought this book
made by my student lynn keffer at wsw
might fit in as a nice segue to a couple of beautiful old things:
 this stationer's binding
 and this vovelle
my head is a whirl with bookish things today
after a few days
of quiet life again.
maybe now i can finish my edition.