a little getaway

 in maine for a wee while
before going to longridge 
to meet and work with sandra brownlee
but first a visit with 
 my nephew rich
his species list for the day 
was longer than mine,
but he taught me new birds: 
gannet, puffin, and others i've heard of
but never seen.
 and he said this was not a big cruise ship!
 leaving the harbor
i admit i couldn't focus
on photos
i was way to thrilled
 puffins swimming amongst their friends
petite manan island

 endlessness and 
big swells. 
our five had two a little sick
one really sick,
so they retreated to the rear.
 i was in the bow 
thrilled and flying
it was like riding and jumping
and then i heard the breath
of the big fin whale
 impossible to photograph in my excitement
 and after four hours on the ocean,
out of bar harbor
we had a BIG lunch
"don't," she said
but i did.