i spent the first night alone at the new place
on friday
i took over the two setters,
some books, and some drawing stuff
 and spent some time
being unusally alone at my new place
unfolding the tactile notebook 
i built with sandra brownlee 
 on my studio floor
 tess was very interested in the text and images
or maybe just some smells
there is wax and mud and flower pigment in there
 using the moleskin accordian book
freed me to be un-sequenced
which has become a problem for me 
as i ended up with too many sketchbooks
going at once.
 the non-precious sturdy pages
 didn't particularly love what i did to them
 they remained neutral
(except for their creamy yellow color)
and i added in all kinds of things
 sewed in new little 
bookish bits
drew with the three new watercolor crayons i bought
at the art shop in johnson, vermont
over the color from goldenrod
 the almost half moon 
rose early over the southern meadow
 and in the morning
the ground mist lingered
even over near the clydesdales
on the road home. 
where i struggled 
with an electrical issue
and found the best service man
after 2.5 hours of waiting for the electric company
service diagnosis.
a 6 hour glitch
thankfully fixed for less than $200 

there is a week left 
before school begins.
i hope it's uneventful, peaceful,
and for a change, 
full of making and being, not just fixing.
i am tired this sunday.