glorious chaos

the glorious chaos that is 
a community papermaking project.
the energy was very, very good
 todd making milkweed paper
 esthela and todd looking carefully
and chief cook and organizer
sarah barber
the genius behind the planted poems project
(a collaborative arts project with the community and the university)
 hannah brought in some more pulp
leftover from drew matott's visit
and we added badger pulp to our vats
 abaca soaking, 
and a nepalese mould holding 3/4 inch 
of badger pulp
leftover from the week of public papermaking on campus
and at TAUNY.
 we had rain for the first time in ages
so we pressed sheets
and took them home to dry.
 next to the porch the ground is a little roughed up
that was my fiber garden
long ago
 the community got into it
and here's my little arnold grummer press
doing duty
(it's a lot easier
 to cart around than my iron book press)
my dear friend
sent me this
so sweet-i walk by my work table and see this
we had parent orientation thursday night
and the sky was dancing with the promise of rain
 before, though,
we had a foggy but clear morning
sparkling from the heavy dew
 and this is the wetland i travel through
on my way to school
 the air was charged with life
and light
 and so was i.
sunday, a little r & r