on the edge of autumn

 it's colder
and we have to light the furnace
if only to take the edge off the cold.
i hate doing this.
but this year it's remarkably late in coming,

 we're on the edge
and soon the birds will be gluttons
stripping berries and grapes.
here at home.
 and over at the new place i'm also calling home
 i went walking over west
toward the gorge
made by rocky ridge and trout lake drainage
and found a microworld to squint my evening-strained eyes.
mosses and lichens inhabit this small zone
little red caps always please me
 where did the small waterfall go?
the gorge?
 such a dry summer and fall so far
that i came right into the streambed before i noticed
i was in the gorge
but there was no water music.
water barely moving at all.
 this is so strange.
i could easily step across
when normally, well i've thought of building a coracle
or, more likely, buying a wee kayak
just to get out on the pond. 
where's that pond?
 so i found a gift of rosiness
 the thing just would not stay still
as the night wind blew up

 the next day i found bounty for printing,
and had grand results.
autumnal equinox.