other edges, rich as usual

 the last evening walk here i noticed a few things.
 i love this deep duff,
where humus is built, and the creeping 
and the many-leggeds 
 further on down the road i looked back
to see a long me
stretching across the hay meadow
 right before i came to its edge.
and again i thought,
how rich this edge is.
thinking of the ecotone that holds
huge fecundity,
the very opposite of monoculture.
even the color is beautiful.

 having just made milkweed paper
and having seen a few monarch butterflies this year 
(thank goodness)
i give you pods, though some have already burst.
 i continued on to find these bracts almost 
grey dogwood berries
food of birds including woodcock
who nested close, 
i saw them many times this summer.
sun is usually setting on my way home
and the warm weather that night 
didn't warn (exactly) that in two nights we would be
on the edge of frost.
they say it might come tonight
over ten days later than normal.
a speedy whitetail visitor escaped 
my lens
 on saturday we went for maple syrup
and found this
 at home i went through the mail
 and found some nice things,
tom and rima's little thank you book 
for helping with crowdsourcing hedgespoken
shown here with the cloth book i'm making
 and the catalog from 
dorothy caldwell's exhibition
i love these marks
 i just called the art gallery of peterborough
and they most graciously posted this to me.
and i found out that my credit card had issues,
as we say,
those issues made it impossible to use again
the charges were dropped.
finishing up the odd ball copies
the ones i played with a little
 we are almost ready to launch the book
i had some stitching to do on a few
 so a few of them will have mendings
we decided that was ok. 
even good.
november, a map is almost ready,