artist's book

i've admired jody alexander's book work for years
and i love the name of her business
wishi washi studio.
she is currently 
working on a  body of work
combining old book covers and old cloths
stitch and stamp and
the japanese country frugality. 
here's her statement
and she has produced a wonderful artists' book
called KEEP.
 she uses today's technology to produce
this lovely to hold book
printed at her local printshop.
 and her photos and
photos of her own work
stitch and stacks.
 and drawing and not many words here
which make a marvelous book.
available from jody here.
while there, look around at jody's work. 
and be amazed.
on my walk...
someone made ice
a neighbor i never knew i had
and today's light show.
go see jody's work.