round the place

teaching this fall.
has taken a toll.
somehow i wanted to put a brave face on things
so here i am.
i hate being photographed.
 these are some of the doings here:
shanna leino sent me this lovely elk folder
 which i didn't need
but wanted because it's beautiful.
it's slight curve perfectly fits my hand.
i love the carving.
 there have been mornings
early, before sunrise,
of misty skeins
days of these, but only a few photos.
 the ladies appeared when i wasn't watching.
 and moss and lichen continue to make soil
here from asphalt shingles.
 there are a few rose leaves holding on.
 and my old windows badly in need of scraping and painting,
 become a mirror for an autumn sunset.
 my camera is not doing well
but this funky old door
in need of paint and unpainted 
because i love the texture.
 autumn winds are doing their part.
 sweeping leaves from their deciduous mamas.
 and the light in late afternoon is brilliant
if it's not raining.
 we've had a long lingering warm fall.
 on my drive to work i spotted something wonderful!
 far off through thick woods
invisible before because of the thick leaves,
a BIG power line travels.
and on it
this glorious huge nest.
 those are STICKS not twigs.
osprey? eagle?
and what i thought was a raven quarking and landing in a distant tree, 
appears instead to be a hawk.
i have been making long, large prints
 for a large book.
round the place i'll know that fall is here.