a little wild

the book page that i was weaving
from lokta kami-ito
took off somehow
and became a sampler of crazy
 so this book that i had in mind
might be another altogether.
  the pages wanted to hang out
                                                         with therese's shifu
 and then i had to make a book mark
or another book
or a longcloth.
a small longcloth.
 there remains enough kami-ito
from one sheet of lokta
to make two more 2.5 inch square pages
with milkweed
and a little bit of thread to sew with
left over.
 i love leftovers.
 bits of beauty that are marks of abundance
 grapes now in the pot on my stove
 making prints.
 landskeins visible as dusk returns.
 aimee sent some more abundance