light leaving at home

saturday afternoon
the wind came up and it was cold, wintery, finally.
i knew it would be harsh.
it was.
we walked down our dirt road
to the bridge and looked back,
back towards our place called home.
 it was sunset
and a gray day among so many short gray days
and the wind gusted its wintry self
ha ha ha 
because it IS winter.
 and this is the other view,
this same stream as the one with the beaver action
in the first photo
and here it is.
this morning at the late dawn
two inches? i was asked? no
one? no
a half, probably.
 but it's cold enough to make some more 
or to build on this if the ground cools some more.
across the "pond"
man-dug into the stream that flows through the land
at the place called home
there are more ridges in this 
rocky place.
we have plans, though, and will work hard
making this home.
it provides for us already,
but we do have to work some at it.
all good work.
at home.