not sure if its a lawn ornament
a give away
an artistic statement
or just a place for the weary
but it decorates a front yard down the road from my place.
 being prepared has different manifestations.
because the recent big snow 
didn't swing north.
blanketed the mid-atlantic states with lovely fresh stuff,
we've had little snow
and little ice
but we are prepared.
 it was cold this weekend
 with one sunshiny day
 and the tree with the lights in it.
 old pasture fence
propped up to keep young steers in.
 disappearing silo,
 braided ice along the cliff
 with a dusting of new snow.
 i didn't sample this ice
though i licked one icicle from that woodshed.
days are lengthening some
at home, 
 and there were two rainbow feet
 around behind my old farm,
 the big arc between filled with sunset.
it's hard not to look to the sky.
 but i look down,