a friend from p.b.i. 
makes amazing work in his home workshop
including lots of paper experiments.
charlie showed some of these on facebook
and offered to send me
a couple of squares.
instead an entire box came
filled with experiments and thoughts. 
this is the second layer, actually,
the first i'd taken out
before i grabbed the camera. 

 these, alone, are what i was expecting
 but instead i have lots of food for thought.
thank you charlie wisseman!
 meanwhile, the weather turned.
from warmish and no snow
to lake effect snow
which means
 the winds swept over lake ontario 
and hit the north country
 probably another vortex--
i don't know.
i am relieved to have one week off.
winter break.
 from this to this
 at the place i'm calling home 
gwen rests, a sundog,
at my feet.
 while out the window
the cold dances.
30 below zero is cold indeed.
i was trying to get a shot of myself
with the winter tree line behind
i did get some clouds.
today it's warmer,
around zero,
and i have appointments
(teeth and car)
and work to do.
so many preparations still to attend to.
a week off is a great treat.
keep warm you all!