...and the creepy baby

going back to melbourne after the crazy 6 days 
of the grampians texture event
was in a way a bit startling.
but very good.
bush to city.
kangaroo poop to sidewalks...
the weather is changing with the turning 
of the season.
anne's knotless netting
sampling meandering of one sort
a very fibery book
book samples
and the results from the ink sticks
meanwhile, there were kangaroos
and emus every morning
at hall's gap
the view
my samples, etc
momogami hands
a new sort of little loom
wet weather and fog following the river
iowa case paper and many layers of ink and xanthorea resin
graciously supplied by trace willens
for the group
a little double weave for a new shifu maker: lovely!
stationers binding in process
book pages
a loom purchased by one of my students
at the trader's "fair"
final show and tell table, 
right before the big dash away from the event
with a few of my students
and visitors, too.
bookish hug
i for one was happy to see some moisture
after the hot and dry days
on the way home,
we had a stop, and op shop, and we went into the weirdest shop ever
all shiny and clean, 
had chai and coffee
and found the egg museum.
hundreds of eggs all dressed up.
culminating in this one.
yes, it was a weird experience.
egg art.