sensual stimulation

from baskets
books in homes
boats on beaches

beach huts
with words
and words

beach bench with words
beach sailers
the otways.
spotted: road killed kangaroos, koalas, snakes, wallabies on the trip
live: kangaroos, wallaby, scorpion, crickets, many amazing birds...
but mostly dead gums
koalas in overabundance
nature unbalanced.
visiting a textile class
a nifty detail
a practice leaf.
students and their work:
students modeling work

three alchemistresses wearing/preforming a dress for three

beach rock
beach textile: it felt so unlike seaweed
and so textilish
big water
kangaroo apples
beach away
view from my bed in the otways

pulp cook
up and down
making marks with saltbush and paint
ocean calming
my toes faced antarctica
the other way
entering my last week here.
another workshop, and some time in melbourne
and then the plane.