book stuff

this small kozo ledger 
was given to me.
 it has a lovely little "staple" holding it togehter
 and a special notation 
added in
 inks of black and some bits of red
 who knows what they say?
 out walking i see marvels
like this ice. 
it's been really cold this week.
 so the walking and thinking came together this way:
try to spin a little kami-ito
with one sheet from the ledger.
so i spun it up
and wove a page
 and the whole thing looks like this:
page, booklet, shifu 3 x 6 inch page, small bit of kami-ito leftover
 the page holds all sorts of marks
including a wee bit of red.
a book in the making.
to everyone who contacted me before the australia trip
asking for a copy of the new book,
please remind me.
i've lost the list somewhere, somehow,
and before i put it up on the for sale page
i need to honor your requests.