return and refocus

there is a simultaneity to this growth
and my return
and my recovery from jet-lag brain.
i found a rock book on my walk at home
but at the place i'm now calling Home
i heard a symphony of robin and woodcock and peepers and frogs
friday night
that made my heart sing right along.
even though the fool played april
i've been looking at what i've brought backfrom oz
not all of it tangible
in fact much of it 
i loved this little pod
and was gifted by a student
at the grampians.
i've been asked to return to the grampians
to teach a master class.
i'm thinking about this amazing opportunity.
i finally located a copy of this
to read on the LONG ride home.
i also traded for this zine
which i found to be somewhat disappointing,
not the trade, but the quality of the piece,
an editor was needed.
gifts and abundance
triggering thoughts and imaginings.
and the work of john wolseley
which i wanted to see more than i can say
but missed.
some bones were waiting my hands
one of which i injured on my first morning there,
but is better now.
emu feathers
i intend to weave with.
scales dyed madder red
and the one cloth i brought from the long dyeing session with felicity.
this was waiting for me
from catherine,
and i still haven't opened it
but i will!
and i am scheduling my teaching
 for life after public school teaching
retirement at the end of june-
some summer commitments, 
a wedding,
teaching and learning
and my house for sale, still.
i am hoping it will sell 
and i will be fully moved to the place i call