time opens

august thinking:
this summer has been about time 
and even healing,
some work

but mostly time.
for the first time in 30 40 50 years i have time to schedule in
 my own way
 i have purchased a few things that delight me 
 i have made some things that delight me
 i have worked out new ways of thinking
new processes
 used up old papers 
prepped pulp for some new papers
i have observed how strong the moon is
when you really pay attention
and let her do her magic.
 i have been delighted by small things
like a peep through a barn
and i have rested.
i have eschewed all appointments 
and seen my doctor
and dentist
and learned to work with this aging but still vital body.
but mostly i have had
mornings when i wake with joy.
and evenings that promise