week of hot/humid

 nigel peake sent me a book
with a very good wish
 today it's been very hot and humid
and i have not felt kind.
i'm glad i found his note so i'm paying attention and passing it on.
the power went out for 2 hours or so and i wonder
about the folks who are in much need.
i hope they are ok.
already the wind has picked up and it's a wee bit refreshing.
these bits are part of a book or two i'm making
i am printmaking in a way
a very odd way.
(holding on to some secrets until they're done)
 but i am
 incredibly excited.
two evenings ago
two great blue herons
landed in the recently mown meadow.
they may have been frogging
but it seemed like they were just there
walking and hunching their necks down
turing into their old mans selves
walking with backwards knees and big steps
until they moved
over to the edge of the pond. 
they did seem to like the company they kept.
we watch that big window like a tv screen,
waiting for events.