day lilies and song birds

this is well underway now,
filled with one signature of eight pages
pages that have fold-outs and add-ons and prints and stitches and words...
i'm not done, but the structure is there 
and the lilies and birds are, too.
it's a record of this summer of deep peace
of joy in change.
and a wee bit of fear, as in respect, too.
mostly, though, it's a journal of content.
 the changes here
are brilliant
 and at the new place called home
 view from the little big room.
the pond is a stream now,
almost all dried up.
 in yesterday's mail, 
sweet tiny dress card from aimee
yesterday i went out
in the rain, 
in boots and hat
gathering printing plants.
i came in and made three large pieces
all finished up and in the press.
just in case of ticks
i showered and shampooed and did the thorough check.
remember the hat?
well, my hair is sometimes more out of control than i know...
and this was what remained:
a coil of long curls
a leaf and
a worm.