good folks

i love my friends
they have hearts
and give good advice.
today i had occasion to speak with
mark and sam and val.
may i say right here that all of them
like me
chose the north country
over other livings.
other friends i keep in touch with
mostly through this magic,
the infrequent call,
you all know who you are, but back to this morning.
i went to visit mark's press
saw his doings and got terrific advice.
i took a pile of book models i'd made while teaching to sam
and one made by a student using something sam made,
but my kid was too embarrassed to take it out of the room.
(boys don't sew or make journals.)
and val who minds the children's library
and has such a big heart.
here are some shots of an almost complete
summer journal
it's a thin, big book
contact and daylily prints and shifu
four papers and cloths
mapping north russell,
north country,
north america.
 big fold-outs
 'experimental' printmaking and stitching
 and cloth 
mapping songbirds and daylilies.
autumn is next.