night and day

 i do a lot of work in my kitchen 
and dining room at my old farmhouse
like they are my studio,
which, i suppose, they are.
 i finally pulled the summer book together
after conferring with a good friend about where to go with it
 wrote in all of the poems and words
 quotes and added in feathers
sewed in some things...
some of the fold-outs are quite long
 with surprise prints
 i stayed up very late one night
and wrote a LOT in cursive no less
 these pages are quite large, 
13 by 17, perhaps?
 and there was a lovely walk yesterday
late afternoon sun
at the new place:

 sugar maple
 shimmering staghorn sumac
cattail cat tails

tricks played by ferns and trees

 the new road being built
 the old wall

 wild clematis seeds
 goldenrod still coming!
  coming home the back way
soil for the garden waits.