still working out on the porch

here's a bit of very recent 
contact printing
for me
(not for the HP project)
the top is a silk cloth
the bottom is three long papers and a book
 long paper detail
 wolseley's book snuck in
and i couldn't help taking a photo
of my little prints hanging out with a page from landmarks 3. 
while doing this i'm pulling together my summer journal
trying to complete it.
working on the porch in very sweet weather.
it's called daylilies and songbirds 
 it's got bird prints and contact prints
shifu and kami-ito,
and even some kitikata and cotton,
and day lily prints and maybe a snake print, too.
and i'm beginning to put in my summer notes.
next time the book should/might come first
so the notes can live in there
day by day.
i am pretty excited about this one.
and may even finish sewing up the shiny book.
i'm learning an honesty i didn't know before
while dealing with local color 
trees and folks
(greed neighbors not being neighborly)
on this lovely lovely day.