it's snowing steady and hard today.
yesterday i had one of those days.
it could have been really really bad.
but it wasn't.
i subbed in my old school.
on the way my car made a big stink-burning rubberish.
but i had to get there.
let me report that this class of sixth graders was pretty challenging
and not at all fun.
after school the car still smelled bad.
i stopped at zone 4 to pick up the milkweed papers.
 the photo above is 'enhanced', below is not.
the sheets are WILD, WILD.
 i hand beat the fiber
the first time in too many years
 and you can see it's way underbeaten,
 but oh, it's beautiful!
after, i went to 'my' mechanic's shop
and the verdict was: a frozen brake caliper.
a woman was there picking up her car.
she turned to me, 
and it was marilyn,
one of my riding coaches from my 30's.
i hugged her probably too hard. 
it was terrific to see her. 
and she drove me the five miles home.
(i was so very happy and still am!)
where i sit, without a car, for the duration.
 my porch, just now
i will be teaching at nancy zeller's beautiful  longrigde farm 
next august,
please go over to the website and take a look. 
this year sandra brownlee and i are teaching,
(not simultaneously)
we will make clouds of pulp and 
other delights. 
if you haven't been to longridge, 
and you are considering a summer workshop,
you are in for a treat.
do join us!