evening and night
 my meadow,
where i harvested all that milkweed
 we celebrated new years eve
listening to our local public radio, wslu,
and talking.
wakening to a lovely day.
we often drive from the place i call home
to cranberry lake
down tooley pond road.
i had ice cream for lunch
and then we went out for a walk in the woods
at home.
evidence of an old tree stand
and some amazing trees
that have grown in unusual ways. 
 this one holds two dead trees.
 this birch really really wanted to keep growing
after winter arched it down
 it continued on.
 this woods is very rich,
but actually the soil is thin
and galacial erratics pepper it.
 and so many 
rock ridges follow the same path,
of course there are sugar maples
red and striped maple, hickory, hemlock spruce, white pine
june berry...
 and here's another.
a stream makes an S 
 through this little bit of the
 great north woods.
at home
the barn continues to bend.
 isn't it crazy
that something so huge 
just melts away? 
i am so happy
that the days are a fraction of an inch longer.
i sense it, know it, and celebrate it. 
happy new year.
and thank you all for your attention, 
your caring.

and there's a new interview with me
over at zoneone arts.
seems that zones are currently in my world 
(zones one and four, that is).