first, today's the day.
we made the huffington post!
this table 
full of fiber
transformed (with a lot of labor) into paper.
it's my winter paper intensive

top row: 
hosta (green) 
on cotton rag (my pants), 
linen rag (my sweetie's canvas leftovers), 
canada thistle down, 
milkweed from my meadow, 
and butterfly weed (from gin)
bottom row: 
hosta from home, 
white linen rag from a tablecloth, 
blue and gray recycled st. armond off cuts from caliban press, 
big stack of raw flax, 
wild, late-gathered milkweed from home.
hidden away is abaca 
recycled off cuts from home, st lawrence and caliban.
a little bit of dyeing.
feeling like i've accomplished something!
(with special thanks to Zone 4)