grousing around

a ruffed grouse near home eating,
known as "budding"
feasting on highly nutritious hardwood (not sure which tree)
buds. grouse was serious about this, ignoring me in my car far below.
i've been struggling with traveling this year,
in spite of a huge desire to travel and teach,
meet new people and hug old friends.
i love the being there:
Australia, (hand papermaking and shifu and books)
Maine, (Book Arts Bazaar in Portland)
Washington, DC, (GBW contact printing)
Michigan, OxBow and PBI (the Paper and Book Intensive)
Victoria, BC (Shifu and stuff)
Seattle/Olympia (Shifu and stuff and handmadepaper)
Portland (ian)
New Hampshire, Long Ridge Farm (handpapermaking).
i know so many of my friends struggle with juggling travel and work.
traveling means you make rich connections 
which, for me, is HUGE.
So, Australia, where I will be teaching in several venues,
including the Grampians, Cape Otway, Geelong, and Melbourne.
Washington DC, hosted by the venerable Guild of Bookworkers
Victoria, British Comumbia, teaching at ANWG weaver's conference 
called Treadle Lightly,
where I will meet the amazing Jean and Bryan.
 Seattle and another venerable group the BAG (Book Arts Guild) 
and Olympia to do a round-table with the PSBA (Puget Sound Book Arts)
and maybe visit my beautiful son ian in Portland,
 wrapping up the wild first half of the year
at Long Ridge Farm in New Hampshire, making paper.
 i've been looking for some images that relieve me from the winter
and politics
and i came upon my friend Drew Matott
pressing a post of paper with high school students in Europe.
yes, a people press!
at HOME the beaver continue their work
which has to be interrupted or the lake drainage
will change.
(which makes me wonder what it was like before)
 lake water plays with vision
 and trees appear.
so much of my work involves fresh water
and plants
 aimee sent me this beautiful envelope made from paper made by her students
learning pulp painting
 st lawrence county is a land of rivers and lakes, here is
the road i drive to home from my house 
secret north country
such a very familiar landscape, 
my home. 
i'm not traveling to CODEX
where an amazing assortment of book arts folks will be this week
showing and selling their work
(though my November, A Map will be there along with Caliban Press).
and a favorite maker
Shanna Leino, will sell her tools
and these 
amazing pieces that I found today on her Facebook 
CODEX announcement.
can you believe how cool these are?!
 i'm at home consuming clear liquids
prepping for the ostomy day tomorrow,
there's nothing to worry about
(except it's worrisome).
 planning and prepping and making delicious things
books and shifu and stuff
to take with me to Australia 
and everywhere else.
oh, and more news:
I completed my income taxes and filed, and
brought in paper for teaching and abaca for oz!
not one mention of politics this time!
too tired to make hot links now--will try to do it later...