(handmade, handspun) paper on (handmade) paper

this is the first one
lokta on flax
it reminds me of what jude hill calls a long cloth
an accordion 
and then more have followed
inspired by off-cuts of beautiful handmade papers
and bowls and houses
and landskeins
encolsures for long books can be lovely, too
as well as essential to their protection.
a harvest that continues to become
books and book objects.
a half dozen here.
a valentine came from catherine michaelis
may day press
the event of the week
(besides the *procedures*)
was meeting a bald eagle
on the roadside in the snow
head turned, 
those strong eyes are looking straight at me.
the camera gave out and the phone had to suffice,
there's a barred owl that likes hunting at the place i call home
i just missed seeing it again today.