lovely melbourne

i've been in australia a few days now
staying with anne and tony
and sleeping in an eyrie
that has a hideaway 
porch, too.
 i love this little place
 a morning visitor
has not interefered
with me catching up: 
i'm no longer jet lagged (quickest adjustment yet.)
 beautiful old brick abounds
at their home
 and i like this little baby...
 their home has the perfect floor space
for rolling out
bolts of cloth
 for students at my grampians texture
master class
(master means lots more work,
right guys?)
anne shows the way the bolt's cocoon works.
 having a friend who is a kick-ass cook
means that she also knows the best places to eat!
(our neighbor took a selfie with her plate after being served)
 this salad was the world
and the chai was the best i've tasted.
these people understand food.
we've been very busy 
prepping pulp and materials.
i have not one photo
of making pulp at barb's house
from which we returned
happily exhausted
after having started a small pulp fire
that fortunately damaged only her outdoor cooker
not the neighborhood.
driving home the truth
that it's hard to concentrate when you have so much
wonder to share
with dear friends.