this week was weird.
weather in the 60's
sunny skies
lightning and one very wild storm.
not your normal february.
preparing to be away from home
for almost a month is a long process

 i have lists and lists
and fortunately i've done it before
so i have some memory of the strange bits:
trip mouse traps, for example
(one reality of an old farmhouse is mouse traps)
walks were lovely this week
in between storms 
hopeful sunshine
and prep.
australia beckons and i am very excited.
at the grampians texture
i'll be teaching a 6 day master class:
papermaking, mostly.
what could be better than making paper,
kami-ito and books in the mountains?
our site often has blue fairy wrens
amongst other critters.
this year my students are old and new friends.
i've already given out assignments
mostly equipment to bring.
after australia
i have a few days to un-jet-lag
and prep for the book arts bazaar in portland maine on april 9
 i will have printed papers, handmade papers 
book arts stuff for sale
(including a book press, if i can carry the thing)
 then more events,
but as we deepen into spring here
we're planning garden
and hoop house
and papermill at the new place.
there is nothing as delicious
as your own fresh greens.