inside the workshop(s)

did i mention jean and bryan?
how much fun we had eating good food, making reeds, talking, and
hanging the shows?
seven: was repurposed from eleven
through the miracle of felting.
many circles
reflections from architecture on the uni of victoria campus
in our building
near my classroom
were a collection of wonderful northwest coast prints
i arranged the lab tables in a circle for the three day class
then one huge rectangle for the one and half day sessions.

knifty knitting and ball holding device
hanging out by a pamphlet stitch book.

more shifu bits hanging out amongst the samples
the wet class
sometimes a student surprises you!
that's me, teaching, and my hair bun 
tea towels.
of course tea towels.
part of the conference fun 
(as well as a shuttle race).
Bob Wright
the building was named after him
he looks like an adk kinda guy
and the last class
where textiles crept into books and
books were textiles.