shifu and healing

the summer 2017 issue is out
 and i am so happy to be part of it.
paper as textile,
paper as practicing empathy.
seldom have i been so proud of my work
not because it's so grand but to be part of this issue
in the papermaking community
and delights me, too.
 my article is about my observations of how shifu
facilitates healing
 and there's a sweet sample of humble lokta
paper and kami-ito.
which Mina and friends put together for the issue.
 there's work here that is new to me
 and my dear friend aimee's work as well
 a lace bark cap here
 and julie's work 
(which I have seen, yes, but have never met her)
 two samples in this issue
plus full color!
 when i finally climb down off cloud nine
 i will take some time
read this one in depth.
and enjoy.
 in other news here
i had a lovely mile or so walk last night
 and i felt terrific.
 i saw my first goldenrod in bloom
which means the summer really has turned
 and sunset creeps into the long days now.
change is coming.