weekly reader

one strange week.
because health care is difficult here,
i had surgery at a small distance. first the pre-op visit 
2.5 hour drive to and from tuesday.
surgery thursday 3.5 hour drive leaving at 4 am, home around 5. 
 now, there's a vacancy where an ovary, her cyst and a fibroid lived.
another of the weirdnesses age and menopause bring.
 healing progresses, i am really quite well.
don't ask me to dance or anything.
even though the neighbor has built himself a tiki hut,
(wendy warren, take note!)
which i could visit.
 even though...
the light shows each evening 
move me into a state of glory
 and the little blessings of my garden
 the inky daylily drips
 and the bunnies keep an eye on me
 in my overgrown backyard
still untamed after returning from the west coast.
 the unused one,
all of this beauty nourishes and heals.
 ...and daylily blossoms
gathered up 
for dyeing.
a big thank you to all of my friends in the ethers.
(and my friends at home)
who have supported me
sending love and whatever prayers you pray,
it all matters.
i am healing from this small surgery
and have little excuse in a day or so
for not getting some work done. 
for now, this overcast sunday morning
for now, i might just take a morning nap.